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We've put all our important information in one handy place, just for you. 

Our company registration number is: SC554687

Our Technician, John Hewitt is registered with the GDC, his number is: 148929

Our DAMAS certificate number is: 180590 

Cactus Dental Technology Limited is registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency and our registration number is: 5651 

Cactus Dental Technology Limited is a member of the Dental Laboratory Association. We are signed-up to the British Bite Mark which states that we manufacture all our dental appliances within Great Britain 

For our Declaration of Conformity, please click here

For our Privacy Policy (its a thriller), please click here

For our Complaints Policy, please click here

For our Terms & Conditions, please click here

For more information, just get in touch, we love showing off our moves

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