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Restoration Choices Explained:

Until recently Dental Laboratory products were a traditional fayre but then along came the all ceramic revolution!


Development has been fast and the amount of Lithium Disilicate and Zirconia products is bewildering, although once you get your head around it, it is really quite simple and usually a trade between translucency and strength. 

Zirconia Anterior:

50% translucency. 750mpa flexural strength.

Great for maximum aesthetics on single anterior and posterior units and 3-unit anterior bridges.

Zirconia HT+:

45% translucency. 1250mpa flexural strength.

Perfect when extra strength is required for single units and 2 - 16-unit bridges, cut back substructures with E Max facings, for complex shadings or masking dark stumps.

Zirconia ST Multilayer:

50% Translucency. 850mpa flexural strength.

This super translucent Zirconia is suitable for anywhere in the mouth. For singles and 3-unit bridges

including pre-molars.

We only use the highest grade Zirconia which comes with our 5 year guarantee* - we got your back


E Max CAD:

Translucency Options. 380mpa flexural strength.

A much-loved choice for single crowns and 3-unit anterior bridges. E Max crowns need to be at least 1mm thick so the prep will need more reduction.

Please remember that all metal free restorations are translucent and it is important to inform the Technician of the patients prep shade, especially when the stump is discoloured or made of metal.

*unless specified as non compliant to Zirconia requirements

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