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What we do

Launched at the start of 2017, our family run dental laboratory's aim is to bring you uncompromising high standards with our Crowns, Bridges and Implants, nothing is sent out until it gets two thumbs up.

At Cactus, we concentrate on three things: accuracy, efficiency and innovation. In fact, that's our moto.

We continue to invest in the latest technology to bring the best possible product to our clients. We want your patients to be over the moon with their restorations and we wont give up until they are. 

Our policy of accuracy through digital scanning is designed to eliminate remakes or to reduce them to a minimum which in the long term will lead to a more professional work flow.


All our lovely copings are digitally scanned for maximum accuracy and then individually designed, not batch processed. And that goes for NHS work too, we start at premium and go all the way to fancy.

We accept .stl files from all open scanners and have been certified as Trios read

Click on what you're into below and we will tell you why you should choose Cactus to do it.

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